I had unprotected sex last November 16 and my period started November 5 and ended november 10. I expected my next period would be Dec 1, but missed it 1 week already. Within that week, I took 5 pregnancy tests and it was all negative. Can i get pregnant? Really need help i don't have any symptoms starting from the unprotected sex up until now.

 Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.   It is recommended that you go to your health care provider or Corner Health center for a reliable pregnancy test, (blood or urine) and further evaluation.  You can also discuss reliable types of birth control.  

There are other reasons why women miss their periods. 

I'm bleeding from mrng 10 to 12 (approximately) with clots and then I don't see any bleeding whole day and night since two days.

Irregular bleeding can be from many different things.    Please schedule an appointmen with your doctor or clinic for further evaluation.  

Hi, I'm 13 years old I started my first period on June, i still haven't gotten my second period is this normal?

Hi! Thank you for reaching out to ask this question. When you first start your periods, it is completely normal to have irregular periods or to skip your periods all together. This is normal and just your body learning. As you get older, your periods will become more regular and you will begin to know when to expect your period and how long your periods typically last as well.


Hi, I'm 11 and I have a app called clue and it said that I was supposed to get my period 2 days ago but it did not come and now it says that my period will come tomorrow.

Hi! Thank you for coming to us with your question. While you are young, and experience your first few years of having periods, it is not unusual to have an irregular cycle. Everyone's body is different and behaves differently, especially during your first few years of having periods!

Apps like Clue work by comparing the data that you input into the app against the common experiences that young woman have with their periods. For example, a typically "regular" cycle is said to last 28 days from the start of one period to the next, and the average girl's period lasts 3-7 days. But these are just averages that can help you know when you might expect your period to arrive, but don't tell you exactly when.

While you are young and figuring out what is "normal" for your body, don't worry too much if your periods seem to come earlier or later than expected, its completely normal to have longer or short cycles, and to experience variations in your cycle month to month!

I had unprotected sex in March but I am now on a new birth control. Every month including March I have had my period. I have tender breasts and a lot of bloating. Is it possible I am pregnant?

Hi! I hear your concern, and I am glad you decided to ask us for advice.

Since you have gotten your period every month since March, it is not possible for you to be pregnant. Bloating and tender breasts are a common side effect of different birth control methods. If you want to, you can always contact us to schedule an appointment to talk about side effects of birth control, and even take a urine pregnancy test if that will ease your worries.

And don't forget, you can always stop by and grab some free condoms without an appointment!

I was on the pill for two months then switched to Depo for convenience but I've been spotting ever since. I got it in three months ago and my next shot is the end of this month but I don't like what it's doing to my body. I want the bleeding to stop! Would I have a higher chance of not bleeding if: A.) I continue Depo and get my next shot B.) switch back to the pill and not get my second shot C.) not get the shot and just let my body go back to normal. And what would be the time frames of those options like how long would it take for the bleeding to stop? I would like to go back on the pill but I really want the bleeding to stop and it was regular on the pill. I need help! Thank you.

Hi! I'm really sorry to hear that you are so uncomfortable right now, unplesant side effects of medications are never fun!

It is completely normal to experience a lot of spotting or "breakthrough bleeding" when you first start Depo as your body gets used to it, things normally calm down within the first 4-12 months, and many women stop bleeding at all after they have used Depo for long periods of time.

I really encourage you to talk to someone while you come in for your next appointment to discuss what might be best for you personally.

I thought I'd started my first period in June but it only lasted one day. I had a longer one in September and another in October. It's been nearly six months and I haven't had another one. I don't over exercise or do anything to delay it. Is this normal?

There are many factors that can affect one's menstrual cycle, including: health history, medications, diet, sleep, exercise, just to name a few. In order to get a good answer to your question, it would be best to schedule a GYN (gynecology) appointment with your primary care doctor. You can always contact us to make an appointment.


I've been on Depo for a year. I started January 28, 2016 and decided to stop this year February 28. I was due for my shot but didn't go !!!! Depo was really bad for me. I always had spotting, brown & red discharge, and some period signs, weight gain, nausea, etc. A week ago before my due date, I started having really sore boobs, and having really intolerable cramps, and I started bleeding. I don't want to take the shot again. Does anyone know how long I will be bleeding heavy ?

From what it sounds like, you have started you regular menstrual cycle. If your cramping is really severe, it is recommended to be evaluated by your doctor. Heavy bleeding is defined as soaking through a regular everyday tampon or pad within 1-2 hours and/or passing blood clots larger than a golf ball size. Should your bleeding be this severe, please seek immediate medical attention. If you are unhappy with the depo shot, there are several other options available for birth control. Please schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss which method is right for you. Feel free to schedule with us 734-484-3600.

My period was a week early. I spotted for 2 days then became bright red followed by heavier bleeding for 2 days. What does that mean? My periods have always been normal.

A woman's menstrual cycle can be affected by many things, including sleep, stress, nutrition, physical activity, just to name a few. If your periods have been regular until now, and this is the only irregular period you've had, I would continue to monitor for changes in your cycle. If your next cycle is irregular, please call your doctor or schedule an appointment here at the Corner.

Are you on birth control? Are you having unprotected sex? You are at risk of becoming pregnant if you are not on birth control or not using condoms as directed. Please schedule an appointment with your doctor for a pregnancy test, if this is the case.

Finally, if your bleeding were to ever become heavy enough to soak through a regular, everyday pad within 1-2 hour and/or you pass a blood clot larger than the size of a golf ball, please go directly to the nearest urgent care or emergency department.


I had my first period some time in July and it lasted for nine days. I still haven't had a proper period since. I still bleed and sometimes get cramps but it's not like the first one. My first one was a nine day steady hard flow with huge cramps. Please tell me what is wrong with me.

Given this information there could be dozens of reasons for irregular bleeding, some minor and some more complicated. The best thing to do is contact your health care provider. We know that it can be scary to have irregular bleeding and cramping.  Here at the Corner, we can help you to figure out what might be going on.  You can schedule an appointment at the Corner’s website or by phone so that you can get the treatment that you need to feel better as soon as possible.


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