I'm 14 and I am only only my 3rd period ever but it has lasted 10 days , should I be worried or should I be fine seen as it's only my 3rd time having it !!??

It is not unusual to have longer, irregular periods when you first start having periods.  If it continues please schedule an appointment with your health care provider or Corner Health.  There are some medications to use to stop the bleeding and make your periods regular again. You may also need some extra iron in your diet and/or to take a vitamin with iron.

Last month I got my period twice, each lasted 5 days and it had 17 days in between which was irregular. I used to get my period every 22-25ish days, but I havent gotten it for 32 days now. I haven’t had sex so I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant. Is it normal I’m getting it late because I got it more last month?

Irregular periods are most likely due to irregular hormone activity.  For evaluation please make an appointment to discuss this with your health care provider or at Corner Health Center.  

 There are different options to assist in getting your periods regular again. 

I have had irregular periods since i was 11. I am now 20 and I'm having a 2 week gap between my periods with no blood no pain just brown discharge.

Irregular menses is a result of hormonal irregularities.  Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your health care provider for further evaluation.  There are many different options for treatment so that your cycles can become regular. 

I have a regular period and my period is never late always on the 17 but this month I didn't get my period nor did I have any pregnancy symptoms. 5 days later I start spotting with light red . The next morning today, I wake up with cramps and dark blood.

What you are describing is most likely due to a hormonal change this month. However, If you have had sexual intercourse without the use of condoms and contraception (birth control) you could be at risk for pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.   If there is a chance you could be pregnant or have an infection, you should make an appointment to be seen at Corner Health Center or with your own health care provider. 

Hi, so i was expecting my period on Thursday March 1st but it was late (I just got my periods back after a year of the depo shot so i expect them to be irregular.) Since it was late, me and my boyfriend had protected sex that Friday. When he finish and pulled out he saw that the condom broke. We went out and got the Plan B One Step pill, and I took it about an hour after intercourse. We think the pill worked as we are not ready to be parents, and I took a pregnancy test on Monday morning, the 5th of March. It came out negative but we'd like to know if it was a false negative so I'm taking another tomorrow. (Is that a smart move as it had been a week since the missed period?) But there has been no sign of my period coming except that, I smell like I'm on my period and washing doesn't make it stop. Also small pustules that only give me a problem during my period have rised and filled on my vag like I'm on normally! Please any comments would help me to get some insight on whats happened to my body. Thanks.

From what you describe the chance of you being pregnant is very very small.  If you have not gotten your period yet and are still concerned you can make an appointment  to come in to discuss further.  Also it would be important to discuss other birth control options that would work for you.  There are many other options.  Please call 484-3600 to schedule. 


I started my first period on Monday, and i want to ask if i can do sports? I read that i can (i wear pads), but it's a little uncomfortable. And tomorrow I'll have hip-hop training. Can I go there?

Yes you most definitely can still participate in sports and physical activity is helpful and encouraged if you are experiencing any negative effects of your period like bleeding or irritability. 

There are many different types of pads and some are more comfortable than others. You may also opt to try tampons.  They are safe to use and with a little experience you will find them very easy to put in and take out.  

So is there something wrong if for the last two days my discharge is transparent and a little slimy, and I feel that sensation when you are on your period of like peeing yourself but is the discharge, like I'm really wet down there, is it normal? My period comes in like 8/9 days

It is normal for discharge to change consistency but changes may also represent other issues.  If the discharge is bothersome because there is alot of it or you have pain, itching or burning you should schedule an appointment  either at Corner Health Center or your health providers office to have it checked out.  


The past month I've been doing very bad at taking my birth control. I've had two very short periods due to having missed days. Now I'm at the end of my placebo week and haven't had my period. During the month I had sex with my boyfriend twice. Both times unprotected but both times he finished a good bit after pulling out. Is it normal for my period to be this late after having had two this month? Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I know it's possible but very rare to get pregnant off of precum or the withdrawal method when it's done right.

It is possible to get pregnant using the withdrawal method.  I would suggest you schedule an appointment at Corner health or your health care provider to have a pregancy test and also to explore other methods of birth control that may be better or easier for you.  


I am hoping to skip my next period due to an athletic event. My period finished 4 days ago am I able to start taking the pill now in order to skip my next period ? Will I still be able to skip my period if the pill is expired?

If you want to miss a period while on the pill you can skip the last week of inactive pills and go right from the third week to a new package .  Please contact a health care provider for further questions or clarification . 


Hi, I'm 13 years old I started my first period on June, i still haven't gotten my second period is this normal?

Hi! Thank you for reaching out to ask this question. When you first start your periods, it is completely normal to have irregular periods or to skip your periods all together. This is normal and just your body learning. As you get older, your periods will become more regular and you will begin to know when to expect your period and how long your periods typically last as well.


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