Hi I'm 18 years old and never had sex before and my and boyfriend and I are about to do the deed but I'm nervous. Is that normal. And also I'm worried how it may feel and I'm worried it might hurt so and idk what to do.

All of those worries are normal.  Talk to your partner about them and  "do the deed" when you are ready.

Couple of things to consider:

If you do not want to get pregnant you need to find out what form of birth control/contraception is right for you. 

Also, you want to protect yourself from a  (sexually transmitted infection) . Using condoms will prevent sexually transmitted infections.  If your partner has been sexually active before he can get tested to make sure he does not have an infection. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to get a birth control method that is right for you. 

Corner Health is doing phone visits during the Corona epidemic.  

So I recently was with a male. And now I have stuff in the back of my throat, and some discharge down below. I was wondering if I should get in to be tested? Also I was curious on how expensive testing is, and how much it would be to get medicine to help with this issue? Thanks.

What you describe sounds like you may have a sexually transmitted infection .  Please schedule an appointment for STI testing at your primary care provider or Corner Health Center or you local health department. 

You can get low cost testing and treatment is available also at low/no cost at Corner Health Center   

So i have a question, this guy I've been seeing for 6 months told me he once had an out break of the herpes versus but he hasnt had an out break in years. He said we are okay as long as he's not having an out break, and he said he can always feel it coming and knows the signs. Well here is some history about me. Im female, i have had cold sores on my mouth years ago and maybe here and there throughout the years as I've struggled with tough acne as well as psoriasis. I've also had cervical cancer cells removed years but I've had good paps since then. Oh i also have a dental fistula, from a poorly executed root canal procedure done a couple years ago, and it is an open wound at times, most days. We both do oral, and i let him do anal. So my questions are with his history is he still at risk for transferring to me at any time even though he said he could tell when he is going to have an out break? Next question, do i have a chance of getting cervical cancer/ cells / again? Doesn't it just lay dormant once you have it? And since I've had cold sores on my mouth, would going down on him trigger his herpes2? I know these are some extensive questions but im too embarrassed to ask any doctor's office here because everyone knows everyone and people talk, regardless of HIPAA, so i appreciate anything you can tell me,thanks

1) Abnormal cervical cells are most likely from HPV which is human papilloma virus. 

If you have regular negative pap smears that means you no longer have the virus which can go on to cause cervical cancer


2) HSV is herpes simplex virus.  There are 2 types.  Type 1 (oral) and Type 2 (genital).  

Both types are spread by direct contact.  Oral can be spread to the genitals via oral sex and genital can be spread to the mouth via oral sex. 

The virus may be spread when there is an obvious lesion and prior to that when people feel the virus coming.  However, it is also thought that the virus both type 1 and type 2 may spread when there are no signs.  


If you have further questions or concerns schedule a confidential visit with your primary care provider, at Corner Health or at your local health department adult clinic. 

My vagina burns when I pee, but just hurts when I move around or sit. I have never had sex with anyone so it can't be and STD or and STI. What do I do?

There are many things that can cause the discomfort that you describe.  It could be a uti art tract infection , there could be a cyst or skin irritation .  

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner health Center to have this checked

hi, i’m a teenager and i’ve had sex with 3 dudes over the past month, the first dude we didn’t use a condom, the second dude we used a condom, and the third dude we didn’t use a condom,and i masturbate frequently as well.Well after a week since i’ve had sex with the third dude i had this thick clumpy discharge and some discomfort (soreness feeling) around my labia when i wiped .. it didn’t smell bad though, it smelled normal! and i was about to be on my period so i kind of ignored it but so the first two days of my period i didn’t notice anything weird, the discomfort stopped.. only hurt when i pulled my tampon out but the thick discharge came out on the tampon. So i’ve been drinking a lot of water hoping it’ll just go away on its own and hoping my period will help clean whatever this is out but today while i was showering i noticed small tiny bumps around my vaginal opening & lips(not the inside of my vagina my actual skin) and my outside vaginal lips are swelling and i’ve noticed a slight fishy smell so now i’m definitely concerned and confused.. i searched my symptoms and i’m not sure whether it could just be some type of infection or any STD if you have any idea of what it could be please help!

What you describe may be an STI. Please schedule an appointment with your Health care provider or at Corner health for testing and treatment 

I fingered a girl with genital herpes and immediately after sometime I touched my penis. Is it possible that I will get herpes? That girl was not having an outbreak. And I don't have any cuts on my fingers or on my penis.

Herpes is spread by contact with the herpes lesion. There does not need to be a break in the skin for it to be spread.    (There is some thought that the virus may be active a for a short time before the lesions appear. ) If there were no obvious lesions it is unlikey that the virus was spread.   

My bf had contact with someone with HPV, he said she had genital warts and he made her oral, should I be concerned that he might be infected since he cheated with this girl but had sex with me some days after

Genital warts are spread by direct contact.  If he contacted them on his month after oral, he can spread them to you.  

Last night I got oral sex from a girl that has hsv-2. As soon after it happened my body felt weird and so did my penis. My pee kind of burned last night considering I held it in while she did it. I stopped her no more than 5 minutes she was doing it but as good as it felt it kinda felt weird on my penis as soon as she did it . I'm so confused and kind of scared to symptoms show directly after am I at extreme risk getting oral from a girl with hsv-2?

In order for herpes to be spread there has to be contact with the lesion.  That means that the girl you got oral sex from would have to have a HSV-2 (genital herpes) lesion in her mouth to pass it on to your penis.  

Also symtoms typically take approximately 4 days to show up. Also burning when you pee does not sound like it is from herpes.  

If you develop a sore or area of discomfort on your penis please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner to have it checked.  If you continue to have burning when you pee you should also have it checked to make sure you do not have any other infection.  

My boyfriend and I (both gay) recently had oral sex. I didn’t insert any of his genitals inside me but he cummed on both my hand & on my face and it started to burn. When he cummed on my hand I had what appeared to look like red spots all over my hand which frightened me. I went to wash it off as soon as he cummed on me and my face was red and tingled for a few days. 2 days later I started feeling tingling sensation around my lips and then developed like a rash on right lip (this went away after a day but then came back slightly and then again went away). Then I had the rash reappear again but on the other side of my lip (this too went away after a day). The spots on my hand went away after an hour but it still very much frightened me as I’ve never had this happen before. I’m scared that he might have given me an STI or an STD.

What you are describing sounds like an allergic type of reaction.  

The other thing to consider when there is a rash is herpes .  But, herpes lesions  generally appear 3-6 days after contact with someone who has herpes.  The lesions are very painful .  It sounds very unlikly that the red spots you describe are herpes.  

One other bit of information.  An STI (sexually transmitted infection) is the same as a STD (sexually transmitted disease)

If this occurs again make an appointment to be seen by your primary care provider or Corner Health Center

which is the difference between an STD and a STI?

They are the same .  Some people refer to them as STIs ; sexually transmitted infections  and some refer to them as STDs ; sexually transmitted diseases. They both describe infections which are transmitted sexually.  Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas, HIV, hepatitis, syphillis.

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