I recently found out that I have chlamydia, I’m getting cured for it right now, it takes a week. And my partner also has it and is also getting cured. Can we still have sex with a condom? And can we have oral sex without a condom? Will i be fine?

The guidelines say to wait 7 days for cure of the infection.  Using a condom will prevent the reoccurence of the infection.  Oral sex without a condom may cause oral chlamydia infection.  

If I have oral chlamidya and I kissed my boyfriend, will he get an oral chlamidya infection as well?

Chlamydia infection is spread through direct contact so if you kissed your boyfriend he is at risk of getting the infection. 

You both should be treated and avoid sexual contact for 7 days as that is how long it takes to clear the infection after taking the antibiotics.  

Hi, teenage male: a month and a half ago I went on a trip and stayed in a bed for about a week, 3 days into it I discovered a cut/bite/ulcer, (couldn't tell really) and over the next few days discovered about 4 major ones the biggest was no bigger than the circumference of a pencil, and a few smaller just dots (not a lot tho and only on the left side of my penis, around the groin muscle and mid-inner thigh. These went away when I got home and I have had no reoccurrence or issues since then, I have no rashes anywhere else on my body and no signs of wight loss, fatigue, itches or anything else. However, the week before I left I made out with someone (we were naked and I did finger her and put my mouth on her vagina, and she did suck my penis) but we had no penis-vagina connection. Should I think this is some sort of STI or just bed bugs?

What you describe could be a number of things including bed bugs and possibly herpes.  You do not say if the lesion was itchy or painful.  Did/does your partner have any sores on her vagina or mouth?

If the sores reappear , please schedule an appointment ASAP with your primary care provider or with Corner health for diagnosis  and treatment

Hi, I have a potential STI and an incredibly busy schedule So I’m unable to plan days ahead for an appointment, would it be possible to make a same day appointment, or call ahead of time when I’m on my way?

Yes, we have same day appointments avaialbe. Please call the Corner first thing in the morning to schedule one of our same day appointments. We open at 9am every weekday morning except for Wednesday, we open at 1pm. 734-484-3600

Hello, I am a 21-year-old woman and I have a few questions about sex. When should I have sex? A few days or weeks before my period, or right after my period is finished? Is it okay if I can have sex without my partner not using a condom? What are the chances of getting sexual transmitted diseases?

Anytime you have penis-vagina sex without the use of birth control you are putting yourself at risk for unplanned pregnancy unless you are aware of the exact time of ovulation which is very difficult to know. 

Anytime you have sex without a condom you are putting yourself at risk for a sexually transmitted infecton unless you absolutely know that your partner does not have an sexually transmitted infection. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center to have further discussion about these important questions. 

I’m a 17 year old female. I recently discovered a lump on the right side of my lower bikini line which I’ve been extremely concerned about. After googling it, I discovered a number of things it could be related to, some of which included STI’s, cysts, and even tumours. I have never been sexually active, so I don’t think it’s an STI, but I am concerned that this may be linked to cancer? It is a little more than 2 centimetres in size, is hard, under the skin (near the bone) and pretty much painless. It’s only on the right side. It’s a little hard to tell because I just noticed it recently, but I don’t think it has grown since I found it. So far, I have not experienced symptoms of any sort. I’d just like to know if this is something very serious before I consult my doctor about it. (I don’t want to have someone check ‘down there’ if it is not completely necessary). Please help me.

What you describe could be an infected hair follicle, perhaps from shaving or a small cyst.  You can try warm compresses to the area.  Apply warm water to a washcloth and towel and apply to area. 

If the lump continues schedule an appointment with your health care provider or at Corner health

Question: have four cases where I have doubts about herpes and HIV transsmision, I will mention them and I hope you could please tell me if there is risk of contracting those diseases or no 1.- Male: herpes seronegative , Female: Herpes seropositive. Male touch female naked gluteus with bare hands, then inmediately touch his penis. there was no other contact. Can you get herpes from this event, even when there was no visible sore? 2.- Male: herpes seronegative, Female: Herpes and HIV seropostive.Male touch female naked gluteus with bare hands, then inmediately touch his penis. there was no other contact. Can you get herpes and hiv from this event, even when there was no visible sore? 3.- Male: Herpes Seropositive, Female: Hiv seropostive Male touch female naked gluteus with bare hands, then inmediately touch his penis. there was no other contact. Can you get hiv from this event, even when there was no visible sore? 4.- Male: Herpes Seronegative, Female: Hiv seropostive Male touch female naked gluteus with bare hands, then inmediately touch his penis. Can you get hiv from this event?

Please refer to Unified, for more information regarding these specific circumstances.

You may also schedule an appointment at the Corner Health Center for HIV testing by calling 734-484-3600

I’m a male of the age of 21. A girl asked me for unprotected sex and I did I ejaculated inside of her and informed her of this she said it would be okay. Unfortunately me being drunk I didn’t ask for her contact information or if she was doing any form of birth control how worried should I be?

Unprotected sex can lead to unplanned pregnancy. 

From the information provided it is unclear if she uses any type of birth control which would  prevent unplanned pregnancy.

You may also consider getting tested for sexually transmitted infections.

You can schedule an appointment at Corner Health. 734 484-3600

If I was tested for an STD and found positive, would I need my parents/ insurance/prescription or can I pay on site for the corresponding medication discreetly by myself

If you are a minor you can get confidential sti testing and treatment without your parent's permission.  No bills will go home for the visit.  Please schedule with Corner health 734-484-3600 

Are your STI tests free and do I need anybody with me?

If you do not have insurance or you choose not to use your insurance then we are able to provide the lab costs free of charge.  

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