I get the depo shot every 3 months and I inject it myself. Last time, there was a little bit left in the syringe because the plunger stopped depressing. Probably 1/4-1/3 of a ml. Could I get pregnant before my next shot?

The drug manufacturer says that the dose is 150 mg for protection against pregnancy.  You may opt to inject the amount your missed.  

I had an appointment for my second shot on 10/14 but had to reschedule it for the following day. Am I still protected since it was in the same week as my original scheduled appointment?

The recommendation is that you should not be more than 2 weeks late for the depo shot , otherwise you can get pregnant.

I've been on the Depo Shot since July 27,2017. I have never missed or been late for a shot. On January 6,2019 at about 4p.m I received my depo shot. On Jan 7 at around 9pm boyfriend went to bathroom and washed his hands then fingered me. After made out for 5 mins with full clothing on, a little bit of grinding. I did not touch him or give him a "hand job" . Since then I've taken 12 pregnancy test every month since then all of which have been negative ( also suffer with anxiety disorder). I also had a full blown period on April 6 ( the day of next shot due date) but I took the shot on April 7th. Also boyfriend says he never ejaculated nor had any semen on his hands never. Do you think there is reason for any more concern about potential pregnancy?

 If you are getting your depo shots on time there is almost zero chance you could get pregnant. The sexual activity you describe does not put you at risk for pregnancy.  I am concerned about your anxiety.  Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your health care provider to discuss further.  

Got my first depo shot on the 2nd of November last year and bled for good 2 weeks then my second shot was due on the 2nd of February so got the Sayana press shot on the 1st of February then I had unprotected sex the next day after the shot, am I protected against pregnancy?

According to your dates, you received your shot on time, and you are not at risk for pregnancy.  ( What does Sayana press refer to??) 

I've been on depo for 3 months now and have been experiencing break through bleeding since then. I plan to stop. How long will the break through bleeding last and exit out of my system?

It is hard to predict when the bleeding will stop.  The depo will slowly be out of your system and your cycles will return to normal.   If you are sexually active you should schedule an appointment to start another type of contraception to prevent pregnancy.  

So I was on my shot and then I miss it for month, my period was irregular since I stared it it become short and twice a moth. This moth that I didn't take it I haven't got my period and I took a pregnancy test and come out negative. Should I worry?

Periods can become irregular with the use of depo.  If you do not use birth control and have sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  You can get your shot or another type of birth control to prevent pregnancy.  If you haven't had a period in 2 weeks you should repeat the pregnancy test.  Also, remember to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

I'm scared I'm pregnant. I got my period. The next day I went and got my depo shot for the first time. Then the following day I had unprotected sex, but he said he might've pre-ejaculated. He's not sure. Should I be worried?

Given that this is your first depo injection, you should be using a backup method (condoms) for at least 1 week. There is a possibility that you could be pregnant, however, it is not guaranteed that you are. It would be advised to start taking a prenatal vitamin just in case, as well as avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs. In 2-4 weeks, you will be able to take a urine pregnancy test to determine if you are. Please schedule a follow up appointment with your primary care doctor to confirm whether or not you are pregnant. If it is determined by your doctor you are not pregnant, your next depo injection is due 10-12 weeks from the date of your initial injection. We do these services at the Corner, feel free to call us 734-484-3600. We also have free condoms at the front desk. Please consider picking some up. The depo shot does not protect againsts STIs.


I have been on the Depo shot for two years. Everything seemed to be going well for me until a few months ago. I began to feel nausea and vomiting and sore breasts. I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. I scheduled a visit with my doctor and lab results came back positive, I was indeed pregnant (I was 2 months pregnant ). That following day, I began to have terrible abdominal pain. I couldn't walk, and I was bleeding more than usual; I had a miscarriage. Today, I began feeling the same way as I did two months ago, I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive. I always took the Depo shot accordingly and never missed any. Perhaps my body is not responding to the Depo shot or something is really wrong?

Sorry that you are going through these experiences with Depo. Just to be certain, Depo is due every 10-12 weeks to be effective as birth control. First, I would make sure to start taking a prenatal vitamin once a day if you are not already. Second, I would schedule an appointment with you doctor to have a confirmed in-office pregnancy test. Once your pregnancy has finished and you are considering birth control options, I would schedule a postpartum appointment and have a long talk with your doctor about all of your options. Depo is a progesterone-only birth control option; it may be worth discussing combination methods if you have no health history risks. We do all of these appointments at Corner Health, please give us a call 734-484-3600.



I am an 18 year-old-girl who has been on the depo shot for 1 year and 3 months now. I got my shot November of 2015, and I get the shot on the dot every 3 months like I'm suppose too. I haven't missed a shot or been late for a shot. About a month ago my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and I'm worried I might be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test 14 days after having unprotected sex and it came back negative. Then I took another one for my birth control shot and it came back negative too. My boobs are swollen but don't hurt, and I'm not having morning sickness or anything. Could I be pregnant? Please help

It is really great that you are so responsible with getting your Depo shot on time for 1 year and 3 months. If your last shot was November 2015, you should have recently gotten your next dose, but it sounds like you did in your question. As long as you are on time with you shot, there is a very low likelihood that you are pregnant, and two negative urine tests have confirmed that as well. Swollen breasts can actually be a symptom of the female menstrual cycle that we have every month, not always a sign of pregnancy. It sounds like you are not pregnant, but if you would like, feel free to schedule a pregnancy test appointment with us or your primary care doctor.

Also, if you are having unprotected sex, remember that birth control does not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Please make sure to keep up to date with testing for yourself and your partner. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment if needed- 734-484-3600.


I have been on the depo-provera shot for almost a year now. I have recently just gotten my third one, and I have been on top with my appointments. This past time, I was spotting (which I normally do), but a few days after, I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and he finished inside of me. could I become pregnant at all?

Depo-Provera is effective 97-99% of the time. This means if 100 women receive Depo-Provera 1-3 may have an accidental pregnancy. Depo-Provera starts working within 24 hours of receipt of the first injection. It is considered to be a highly-effective form of birth control. Because of Depo's effective rate, it is unlikely you are pregnant. if you are worried about being pregnant, we recommend scheduling a visit with us or your care provider for a pregnancy exam. We also encourage practicing safe sex. Depo-Provera does not protect against sexually transmitted infections or diseases. You can always stop by the Corner for some free condoms (we keep them at the front desk). You can  pick some up anytime, even if you are not a patient. 


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