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I had unprotected sex last November 16 and my period started November 5 and ended november 10. I expected my next period would be Dec 1, but missed it 1 week already. Within that week, I took 5 pregnancy tests and it was all negative. Can i get pregnant? Really need help i don't have any symptoms starting from the unprotected sex up until now.

 Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.   It is recommended that you go to your health care provider or Corner Health center for a reliable pregnancy test, (blood or urine) and further evaluation.  You can also discuss reliable types of birth control.  

There are other reasons why women miss their periods. 

I am currently taking a mini pill, called cerazette and Ive had sex without protection with my boyfriend twice, is there’s any possibility that I can be pregnant? I mean I always take my pill, I have never missed one during a month!

With perfect use the mini pill it is very effective against pregnancy,  meaning there is little chance of getting pregnant.   (No method is 100%). 

If your next period is more than 2 weeks late and you are concerned about pregnancy please get a home pregnany test or schedule to come to Corner Health Center. 

Only condoms will protect against sexually transmitted infections. 

I’ve been taking the combined pill for the entire month now, but I tried to skip my period this time by taking all the active pills.... but I just got my period. I’m aware of breakthrough bleeding and I know it can happen but is it possible that my pills aren’t working? My period is happening at the same time of the month it’s expected to come and I’ve experienced the same emotions I get when I’m about to start. Can breakthrough bleeding happen at exact same time I always usually get my period? Or is there a chance my birth control isn’t working. (I’ve taken it perfectly)

It's possible that you just aren't on the right combined oral contraception pill to suppress your period. Schedule an appointment with your provider to discuss.

Me and my girlfriend were having sex with a condom on however I felt like I was about to ejaculate but didn't. But it felt so close to going that I believe that I might have a little. Is that possible? I then carried on afterwards and after I finished I realized it was slightly wet at the base of the condom. I'm not too sure now if it was sperm or anything else. She had her period on time however she is usually five days but was only three and only bled lightly in comparison to quite heavy usually. Does this mean anything and what can I do? Thanks

It is hard to know if there is any risk of pregnancy by what you describe.   If there is any concern the best thing to do is to have your girlfriend see her primary health care provider, schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center or do a home pregnancy test.  There are other more reliable methods of birth control that you may decide to use such as the birth control pill, IUD or arm implant.  Again, best to discuss with a health care provider.

Ive been on birth control for about four or five months now and i want to leave the pill now because of side effects. I had unprotected intercourse about 2 weeks ago and just finished my whole pack of pills and got my "fake period" you get on the pill. Since it has been about 2 weeks and sperm can only survive about up to 5 days is it safe if i leave the pill now or do i still have a chance of getting pregnant?

If you have been taking the pills regularly and have had your period it is safe to assume you are not pregnant.  If you stop the pills and have unprotected intercourse then you will be at risk for pregnancy.  Please make an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to discuss other options for birth control, including the IUD and arm implant.  There may also be a different pill that will not give you the same side effects.

I'm 17 and i want to get an iud but i can't tell my parent's because they wouldn't let me. I also can't swallow pills and i have needle phobia. I'm from Rhode Island. What should i do?

The state of Rhode Island allows minors to consent for birth control services without their parents .   You may want to start by calling Planned Parenthood in Rhonda Island.  They provide all types of birth control including IUDs.  You will need to discuss your insurance with them and they can let you know if you can use your insurance without your parents knowledge. 

They could also refer you to other health care providers in your area that can provide these services.

Can I have sore breasts before my period while on birth control?

I assume you mean birth control pills.  Yes it is still possible to have premenstral symptoms, including breast soreness while on the pill.

So i masturbated and i must of did it too hard accidentally cuz in the morning i noticed there was blood in my underwear. And i am on birth control to help regulate my period. And i am still bleeding but i am supposed to be on not the period pill. And i was wondering if i do take it what would happen? Like would it interfere with the bleeding i already have going on. And i am worried if i do take it would it stop or continue the bleeding, or when i do it again will i bleed afterwards?

Continue to take the pills on the same schedule.  It is unclear where the bleeding is coming from. If the bleeding continues you should be seen by your health care provider.

I had termination of pregnancy on the 5th of May. When i was 4 weeks far i passed few clots at night and after a day bleeding stopped - morning sickness was gone, no more cravings. I went to a doctor, the scan i did was clear there was nothing on the uterus. 4 weeks later i was still passing out brown discharge and the pregnancy test was positive. I went to the doctor, we did the scan and it was clear. We repeated the termination again on the 14 of July and i passed few clots again and i was bleeding for 10 days. First week of July i went to the clinic to do family planning. The pregnancy test was positive but this time it was too faint that you can't even notice it there. They refused to do family planning and transferred me to the clinic. I explained everything. The doctor did vaginal ultrasound, the uterus was empty and clean. The doctor advised me that we do blood tests just in case i have an ectopic pregnancy, she will see if the HcG levels are dropping or increasing that will determine if i'm pregnant or not. I did blood tests for hCg levels it came back with 23h and did 2nd blood test after 3 days it was 16h. The doctor then referred me to family planning clinic and they gave me 3 months Depo shot on 13 of July. After it i have been feeling very weird, cramps like period pains, lower back pains, lot of watery discharge. On tuesday morning when i woke up my pajamas had a lot of blood. I went to the toilet and passed a clot and was bleeding the whole day. Next day it was just spotting only and this watery discharge but this time it looks like it has small amount of blood in it. So according to scans and blood tests im not pregnant. Im worried are these side effects of abortion or Depo side effects? My hormones are abnormal? Please assists im very stressed.

Sounds like a very stressful situation most likely related to hormones.  Please schedule an appointment with a gynecologist.  Also I assume they have tested and ruled out infection.  Most likely you would benefit from oral hormones to help regulate your hormones. 

How much is birth control and emergency contraception? Currently, I do not have health insurance to cover it but I really want to stay safe and also keep information about my health private.

We have confidential (private) health care at Corner health and also a sliding fee scale for payment if you do not have or want to use insurance. 

We can dispense emergency contraception, if needed.  We also administer Depo Provera shots. 

Once prescribed, birth control pills can be purchased from local pharmacys for about $9/month.  Other methods are very expensive without insurance. 

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