How much does it cost to get an IUD from corner health center? I am looking for hormonal progesterone IUD. Also how much does it cost to get STI and HIV testing? I do not have insurance.

Corner health center does not turn anyone away based on ability to pay.  In some circumstances there are funds to assist in the coast of an IUD. Please call to schedule an appointment.  734-484-3600

Do you need to live in Washtenaw County to come to Corner Health?

No, you do not need to live in Washtenaw County to come to the Corner Health Center.  We accept patients from all over Michigan.  Please call 734-484-3600 to schedule your appointment today.

Hi, I have a potential STI and an incredibly busy schedule So I’m unable to plan days ahead for an appointment, would it be possible to make a same day appointment, or call ahead of time when I’m on my way?

Yes, we have same day appointments avaialbe. Please call the Corner first thing in the morning to schedule one of our same day appointments. We open at 9am every weekday morning except for Wednesday, we open at 1pm. 734-484-3600

Hi, I am looking for a new pediatrician for all three of my children, they have Blue Cross Complete of Michigan. My question is are you accepting new patients at this time?

Corner Health is accepting new patients and we would love to meet you and your family. 
We see patients ages 12-25 and their children.  Please call to schedule 734-484-3600.

My vagina has been itching lately and the discharge is sticky and it seems that I have a yeast infection. I’m too scared to tell my mom and I was just thinking about buying a cream from the store to cure it but should I get a doctors input before. I really don’t want to go to the doctors because then I would have to tell my mom.

You should see a health care provider before starting treatment.   In the state of michigan you do not need a parents consent to see a health care provider for a sexual health problem. (That includes yeast infections.)  Sometimes it is easier to talk it over with our mom's than we think it will be. 

You can call Corner Health to schedule an appointment. 

hello! I’m moving to michigan by the end of august and I’m already on testosterone I was wondering if it would be okay if I would be able to make an appointment to get a prescription for testosterone?

Please call to schedule an intake appointement and please bring any previous medical records that you have.

If I were to come in and get birth control, would I have to pay for the session? I was told by several friends that it was free for school students.

Corner accepts all health insurance.  If you do not have insurance or you do not want to use your insurance we have a reduced fee and payment plan as needed.  

Some insurances can be used without sending any information home to parents 

We will not turn anyone away from Corner even if you cannot pay. 

Hi I am a 21 year old. I am 7 days late today and experiencing cramping (usual cramps before periods) since 4 days. I am also having diarrhea since yesterday ( perhaps coz I am stressed). I have a 30 day cycle. Two months back (2-3 days after my periods), me and my partner made out..But we did not have sex. My Last month periods was normal and on due date. Can I be pregnant?

If you have not had sexual activity where sperm from your partner came in contact with your vagina then you cannot be pregnant.  Most likely you are having an unusual cycle due to changes in hormones. Stress, nutrition and other things can affect hormones.  You most likely will get your period soon.  If you continue to have irregular cycles schedule an appointment with your health care provider or Corner Health Center.

Me and my girlfriend were having sex with a condom on however I felt like I was about to ejaculate but didn't. But it felt so close to going that I believe that I might have a little. Is that possible? I then carried on afterwards and after I finished I realized it was slightly wet at the base of the condom. I'm not too sure now if it was sperm or anything else. She had her period on time however she is usually five days but was only three and only bled lightly in comparison to quite heavy usually. Does this mean anything and what can I do? Thanks

It is hard to know if there is any risk of pregnancy by what you describe.   If there is any concern the best thing to do is to have your girlfriend see her primary health care provider, schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center or do a home pregnancy test.  There are other more reliable methods of birth control that you may decide to use such as the birth control pill, IUD or arm implant.  Again, best to discuss with a health care provider.

Since 4th grade I have had horrible, horrible upper back pain. It starts just under or to the side of my right shoulder blade but will radiate to the rest of my upper back very quickly. The only way to ease the pain for a couple moments is to take a deep breath and hold it, but as you can imagine, this is a very temporary fix. Taking over the counter pain medicine has never worked (not even once) so I feel like it is almost a waste to take. As far as I can remember, this back pain is not accompanied by any regular symptoms. Recently, I am starting to think that my period is what causes this due to the fact that the back pain happens once a month, lasts around a couple of days, and seems to be at least relatively close to the start of my period. Because of how young I was when this back pain started it has been dismissed by doctors and my parents over and over again. I am an adult now and if anyone is every going to believe me when I say this I figure it has to be now: this pain is unbearable. It has me awake at odd hours of the night in showers so hot my skin burns, using heating pads excessively, and trying to contort my back in weird ways just to subside the pain. What do I do? This has been happening regularly for a little less than 10 years and I can't stand it.

That sounds very stressful and painful.  Obviously, it is difficult to know what this is by your brief description.  It does sound like it may somehow be hormonal and perhaps oral contraceptive pills would help. 

I would suggest that you start a diary which details days leading up to the pain documenting stress, diet, activity, mood, and day of menstral cycle. 

Then schedule an appointment  with your health care provider. They may opt to refer you to a neurologist or pain specialist but the answer may be in your diary. 

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