Hi I am a 21 year old. I am 7 days late today and experiencing cramping (usual cramps before periods) since 4 days. I am also having diarrhea since yesterday ( perhaps coz I am stressed). I have a 30 day cycle. Two months back (2-3 days after my periods), me and my partner made out..But we did not have sex. My Last month periods was normal and on due date. Can I be pregnant?

If you have not had sexual activity where sperm from your partner came in contact with your vagina then you cannot be pregnant.  Most likely you are having an unusual cycle due to changes in hormones. Stress, nutrition and other things can affect hormones.  You most likely will get your period soon.  If you continue to have irregular cycles schedule an appointment with your health care provider or Corner Health Center.

Me and my girlfriend were having sex with a condom on however I felt like I was about to ejaculate but didn't. But it felt so close to going that I believe that I might have a little. Is that possible? I then carried on afterwards and after I finished I realized it was slightly wet at the base of the condom. I'm not too sure now if it was sperm or anything else. She had her period on time however she is usually five days but was only three and only bled lightly in comparison to quite heavy usually. Does this mean anything and what can I do? Thanks

It is hard to know if there is any risk of pregnancy by what you describe.   If there is any concern the best thing to do is to have your girlfriend see her primary health care provider, schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center or do a home pregnancy test.  There are other more reliable methods of birth control that you may decide to use such as the birth control pill, IUD or arm implant.  Again, best to discuss with a health care provider.

Hello. My question may sound naive but makes me anxious. It is about std's. I got into an unwanted situation with guys I did not know. To keep it short, there were seconds of kissing and my penis was taken into someone's mouth also for a second or two. It was that short because I said it was unwanted and after all this I managed to leave. It wasn't really sexual act, I would consider 'only' physical contact... Is there a realistic risk that I may be infected? if yes which disease can be spread this easy? And after how many days should I have a test for it? Certainly I do know that I can be 100% sure if I get tested, sure, but I'd like to know if there is a real risk for me.. Thank you very much...

I someone's mouth is infected wth gonorrhea or chlamydia or herpes  it can be spread through oral contact to the penis. 

If you are concerned or if you develop any symptoms such as burning, pain, or sores, you should see your health care provider to be tested or you can schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center. 

Since 4th grade I have had horrible, horrible upper back pain. It starts just under or to the side of my right shoulder blade but will radiate to the rest of my upper back very quickly. The only way to ease the pain for a couple moments is to take a deep breath and hold it, but as you can imagine, this is a very temporary fix. Taking over the counter pain medicine has never worked (not even once) so I feel like it is almost a waste to take. As far as I can remember, this back pain is not accompanied by any regular symptoms. Recently, I am starting to think that my period is what causes this due to the fact that the back pain happens once a month, lasts around a couple of days, and seems to be at least relatively close to the start of my period. Because of how young I was when this back pain started it has been dismissed by doctors and my parents over and over again. I am an adult now and if anyone is every going to believe me when I say this I figure it has to be now: this pain is unbearable. It has me awake at odd hours of the night in showers so hot my skin burns, using heating pads excessively, and trying to contort my back in weird ways just to subside the pain. What do I do? This has been happening regularly for a little less than 10 years and I can't stand it.

That sounds very stressful and painful.  Obviously, it is difficult to know what this is by your brief description.  It does sound like it may somehow be hormonal and perhaps oral contraceptive pills would help. 

I would suggest that you start a diary which details days leading up to the pain documenting stress, diet, activity, mood, and day of menstral cycle. 

Then schedule an appointment  with your health care provider. They may opt to refer you to a neurologist or pain specialist but the answer may be in your diary. 

I've been on the shot for 8 years, stopped it last year in August, and got back on the shot in March of this year. I didn't go back for the next one which was supposed to be in June. I've been having unprotected sex since then. Right now I have stomach pain, headaches, mood swings and abdomen pain. I haven't got my period so my question is can i get pregnant even if i haven't started my period? Plzzz help and i also feel bloated. I took pregnancy test but not recently.

If you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  You should schedule an appointement at Corner health or with your primary care provider for further assessment and pregnancy testing. 

I'm a 17 year-old virgin (No sex or foreplay, farthest I've gone is kissing) yet I have these bumps on my scrotum. There are clusters of white ones that have puss and some that don't, and three or four of them are red and white, huge, and extremely hard. I've had them at least since middle school, doctors have told me different things, but none of them expressed any major concern for them. I change my clothes daily, I shave, I wash my sheets, can you tell me what they might be?

It is difficult to know what these are without more information and seeing them.  Please schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your regular health care provider. 

I'm have an IUD that was placed in 2016. It's good till 2025. My periods last up to 5 days but this one is having me worried. I have been bleeding for 11 days now. Before i had this period my back would hurt so bad and my right side would hurt but that all went away cause i started bleeding. I went pee a few minutes ago. When i wipe on toilet paper there was a large blood clot. I have a photo of it. I'm worried. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my IUD.

It is difficult to know what may be going on.  It is not unusual to get a heavy prolonged period with the paraguard IUD.

I think the best thing for you to do is schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or schedule an appointemnt at Corner Health. 

I just had my period 18 days after my previous period. I'm very confused. Can someone talk to me about this and help me figure out what causes this?

Regular monthly periods depend on regular cycling of hormones beginning in the brain.  These hormones can go "off cycle" for a number of reasons such as stress, travel, moving to a new place, change in diet, or age. Some medical conditions can also cause irregular periods.

Continue to monitor your cycles and if you still have concerns please schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your regular health care provider.

I recently did anal masturbation (solo) buy using an object to go into my anus. After said situation, I realized I was bleeding and am a little sore. I was wondering if I am at risk to HIV now, can you help me? (I am a male)

If the object used had not been in contact with anyone else then you are not at risk of HIV.  HIV is transmitted via body fluids, so if the object was not in contact with anyone else's body fluid there is no risk. 

Sounds like you may have a rectal tear.  If your symptoms do not go away , please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your own health care provider.

So i masturbated and i must of did it too hard accidentally cuz in the morning i noticed there was blood in my underwear. And i am on birth control to help regulate my period. And i am still bleeding but i am supposed to be on not the period pill. And i was wondering if i do take it what would happen? Like would it interfere with the bleeding i already have going on. And i am worried if i do take it would it stop or continue the bleeding, or when i do it again will i bleed afterwards?

Continue to take the pills on the same schedule.  It is unclear where the bleeding is coming from. If the bleeding continues you should be seen by your health care provider.

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