Hi I'm 13 and have multiple things I want to talk about. The other two questions aren't as important.First of all my foreskin is a bit tight and it usually tries to go back down when I'm full erect. So I tried seeing what would happen if I left my penis without it's foreskin for a little while and the glans became less sensitive and it hurts less to pull. Should I keep doing this? Also I think it might be tight because it's still, like separating. I've never pulled back my foreskin before age 13 and never asked my parents about but researched it online. Some things say I could have a condition or I'm just a late bloomer. (Also not to mention I am starting to grow pubic hairs but my foreskin is still tight). When I try to pull the foreskin more back my glans kinda angles down because a little bit of skin pulls it. When I keep pulling I notice it looks like a mushroom, which is normal until I realize that to top back is still kind of attached. I pull it more and the skin seems to be completely connected. Where the mushroom glans edge line goes around it kind of becomes a hole under the attached skin so maybe a tunnel cuz it's trying to dispatch? And when I keep pulling it I start to notice the roll of skin stretches out. Like I can keep pulling, it's like the skin that's inside my penis, like the inner foreskin. But it's still tight where the “hole” now a ring around the middle of penis is. I know it's a lot but I'm worried if it's normal and I'm too awkward to ask someone. Second question is just that when I try to pee without my foreskin, since my pee hole is like a line it kind of sprays and I can't aim a single stream, and pulling back my foreskin makes it a bit erect so it's even worse. I like peeing with a foreskin over. Is this normal? Also my penis is like 2 inches, is this normal? I masturbate sometimes, could be useful information.

Those are all good questions.  It would be a good idea for you to schedule an appointment with your primary  care provider or at Corner health clinic.  

You can have all of your questions answered.  

My boyfriend and I are 15. We have been dating for two years and both virgins. I didn’t want to have sex yet because of our age and not being ready. But he kept asking and I didn’t seem to be satisfying him in other ways cause I’m inexperienced . I finally said yes and it was really painful. He was nice and gentle but we had to stop cause it hurt too much. I agreed to try again another time. Since we talk every day and have been together so long, I’m really hurt he hasn’t called and only texted when I texted first. I feel like he doesn’t understand it’s normal how the first time went and like he thinks I’m bad at it. I tried talking about it but he gave short replies. Is he a creep or maybe just embarrassed? I feel like I made a mistake because of how he’s acting after.

It sounds like a difficult situation.  You have not done anything wrong. 

Please talk about this with an adult who you can trust.  Also you can schedule an appointment at Corner health to discuss further .

I am a 21 year old male and I have ejaculated bloody cum about 3 times in the past 2 years. It just happens randomly. There is no trauma involved or anything. Should i be worried?

Most likely it is nothing to be worried about.  I recommend scheduling an appointment at Corner, 734-484-3600, or with your own health care provider to make sure there is no infection.  It will involve a simple urine test. 

On the last 6 months I had sex with my ex boyfriend and now with my new boyfriend,we are really careful and are on birth control, I want to know if we should take any tests to make sure we are healthy concerning our sex life and also me as a woman what tests should I take just to be sure.

You and your new boyfriend should schedule appointments to both be tested for STIs.  Testing includes urine test for gonorrhea and Chlamydia and blood test for HIV, syphillis and hepatitis.  Using condoms will prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. 

Can guys come to the Corner?

Of course! At the Corner, there are lots of services for guys. For example, you can get:

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