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Hey! I heard that you give free HRT to people under 21, is this true? If it is, how can I go about making a consultation for this?

We provide care to the transgender community.

If you are interested in HRT please schedule an appointment to establish care to begin the process.  That visit will involve a physical check up, blood work and further assessment. 

You will then schedule to return to discuss options for starting HRT. 

hi there. I've had rough sex with my boyfriend 5 nights ago and its sore to urinate. The skin surrounding my vagina have a red and yellow/white patch on them. Its like a sore, I've had it two or three times before and it usually goes away and doesn't happen all the time me and my partner have sex. Please what is going on?


It is difficult to know without an examination.  Please schedule to come to Corner Heath or see your doctor.

It is best to evaluate while you have the sore.

I sprained my ankle back in September, I had been actively running about 2 miles a day, 4-5 times a week over the summer up until September when I hurt my ankle. I got it checked out at Urgent Care about a week after, no x-rays were done (I couldn't pin point an event to which I could place the blame of the pain so I wasn't sure if I actually had sprained it or not). Urgent Care advised me to stay off of it until the pain subsided and to ice and rest. I've tried my best to stay off of it as much as I can. I'm still experiencing pain in my ankle,although not as bad, and now one of my toes on the same foot as the ankle sprain. I've been trying to ignore it and hope that the pain goes away, but I'm somewhat concerned now since it has been over two months since the initial sprain. I'm wondering if I should get it checked out by y'all and maybe get x-rays done or if this is just a normal time frame for a sprained ankle to heal? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Ankle sprains often take a while to heal but yes,  you can schedule an appointment here for another evaluation and if needed we can order xrays. 

I'm bleeding from mrng 10 to 12 (approximately) with clots and then I don't see any bleeding whole day and night since two days.

Irregular bleeding can be from many different things.    Please schedule an appointmen with your doctor or clinic for further evaluation.  

Lately, even after I shower right before sex, my vagina will have a fishy odor following the act. Or my bf and I will have sex and go to bed, and the next day, it smells so fishy down there. Is this me? Or him? Or the combination of us both? How do I prevent it?

The symptoms you describe suggest you may have bacterial vaginosis.  This is an imbalance of the vaginal fluids.  Please schedule an appointment to check it out and receive treatment as well as learn ways to prevent it in the future. 

Ive been taking the combined pill for the entire month now, but I tried to skip my period this time by taking all the active pills.... but I just got my period. I’m aware of breakthrough bleeding and I know it can happen but is it possible that my pills aren’t working? My period is happening at the same time of the month it’s expected to come and I’ve experienced the same emotions I get when I’m about to start. Can breakthrough bleeding happen at exact same time I always usually get my period? Or is there a chance my birth control isn’t working. (I’ve taken it perfectly)

It's possible that you just aren't on the right combined oral contraception pill to suppress your period. Schedule an appointment with your provider to discuss.

My period is very heavy and I'm worried about losing too much blood. I tried the pill to fix this and got a blood clot after using it for two years so it might be dangerous for me to use other forms of birth control because they always make the risk for another blood clot bigger. The medicine I'm taking for the blood clot makes my blood thinner so it could also make me bleed even more on my period. When should I start to worry about losing to much blood? Is there anything I could do to make the flow little less heavier? I've heard some pain killers might work but I'm not allowed to take them either because of the medicine.

There are methods of birth control that may be prescribed after someone has a blood clot.  They may also help control excessive bleeding.  If you are worried that you’re bleeding too much, some lab work can be done to make sure you’re aren’t anemic.  Please schedule an appointment with your provider. 

Hi, I'm currently on the birth control patch .. and last night (Thursday) my patch kinda fell off and it wouldn't stick anymore.. during my 2nd week so I put on my patch for the 3rd week.. my normal days to switch my patch are sundays.. so would my change days switch to Thursday?

You did the right thing by applying a new patch.  You should change the day you change the patch to Thursday.

I've noticed my breasts are really veiny. Is that normal?

Most  breasts with visible veins are  normal. There are some other conditions such as pregnancy, breastfeeding that can cause the veins to be more visible. 

My moms period is extremely irregular and so is mine. Because of this, there really isn't a way of telling when it will come and everyday I'm paranoid that it came and that I'm leaking.

That is a very frustrating situation. You may consider wearing a light pad in your underwear to prevent leakage should your period start.

The use of oral contraception pills can also be used to regulate your period so you will know when to expect it.

You can schedule an appointment  at Corner health or with your health care provider to discuss further.

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