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Hi, I am gender-fluid but I really want to start testosterone but I don't know much about it. I also really nervous to call you guys.. and I haven't came out to my parents yet. What do I do???

I would recommend you set up an appointment with a counselor to further explore your thoughts and feelings.  We are happy to see you here at Corner.  You would first need to set up an appointment to establish care and then you would be referred to a therapist. 

If you are  having trouble making the call maybe you can have a friend with you for support.  Our phone staff is very friendly and easy to talk to.

I'm 15 and a virgin. I've never done anything sexual but there's these 3 bumps by my vaginal opening one on one side and two on the other close together. They aren't big and they don't feel like anything they don't itch, burn or anything it's like they're just there to be there but it's kinda annoying me because I don't know if they'll go away or what they are even. Help! What are they??

There are a few different things that match your description.  The best thing to do is to make an appointment here at Corner Health Center or at your doctor's office and have someone take a look. 


Hello! I want to ask the effects of smoking on athletes in this case, I'm a pro swimmer, I know it's strange because I'm an athlete and I'm not supposed to, but I used to smoke once in a while for example at parties, but I never smoke more than one cigarette, could that affect my performance in any way? Thank you!

Research shows that smoking even 1 cigarette is not good for you.  Best not to smoke at all!

So is there something wrong if for the last two days my discharge is transparent and a little slimy, and I feel that sensation when you are on your period of like peeing yourself but is the discharge, like I'm really wet down there, is it normal? My period comes in like 8/9 days

It is normal for discharge to change consistency but changes may also represent other issues.  If the discharge is bothersome because there is alot of it or you have pain, itching or burning you should schedule an appointment  either at Corner Health Center or your health providers office to have it checked out.  


Is it safe that my boyfriend fingers me? I always tell him to wash his hands, but sometimes he doesn't, are there other precautions I could take?

It is a good idea to ask your boyfriend to wash his hands. Hands/fingers can carry organisms that can be spread to the vagina.  If you develop irritation or pain or changes in vaginal discharge see your health care provider.  


Hey there! I am 21, I had a blowjob once in my life and the guy fingered me, but I have never had intercourse (sex), all my friends have told me that the first time hurts a lot and also that you bleed, is it true? Is there a way that I can prevent the pain and the bleeding, or is something out of your control?

Everyone's experience the first time is different but most women experience bleeding and discomfort the first time. Discomfort may be less the more relaxed you are and use of a lubricant may help also.  There is no way to prevent it but you can plan ahead by protecting the space with towels or pads for easy clean up if needed. 

Don't forget condoms to prevent STIs and schedule an appointment  with your health care provider to discuss the birth control method that is best for you.  


I am Transgender and I heard I can get testosterone from you guys. Is this true?

Corner Health provides transgender care for people ages 12-25.  The first step is to schedule an appointment to establish care and then you would be referred to our physician who specializes in hormone therapy.  


Do you assess for substance use/abuse?

Yes, please schedule an appointment to discuss.  We have trained therapists as well as a doctor who is an addiction specialist.


If I was tested somewhere else and told I have chlamydia can I come to your clinic to receive treatment?

It is important to get treatment as soon as possible.  Yes you can schedule an appointment to come to Corner Health (734-484-6400) or your health care provider or the Washtenaw county health dept, adult (734-544-6840).


My discharge is white and a bit thick, like a bit sticky I guess? I don't know when my next period will be because I started for the first time a couple months ago. I don't know if this is what's normal or if something is wrong.

This may be completely normal as it sounds like your body is going through hormonal changes.  If you have other symptoms such as itching, burning or any rash or sores you should make an appointment at Corner Health Clinic or your health provider   Also,  If you are sexually active and this is a new discharge you should make an appointment for further evaluation. 


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