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I have had discharge for quite a while now but still haven't started my period. What do I do?

I need more information in order to understand what is going on.  For instance your age, if you are sexually active, or if you are experiencing any other symptoms.

I recommend you call Corner Health Center or your health care provider's office and talk to a nurse or you can schedule an appointment  to talk to someone in person.

So I was having the symptoms of pregnancy and didnt have my period for over a month but suddenly my period started but it’s more than usual and there is ALOT of blood clots and really thick blood....what does this mean?

I would need more information. If there is a possibility that you could have been pregnant (if you had sexual intercourse without the use of condoms or birth control) the heavy bleeding could be a miscarriage. Heavy bleeding can also been referred to as dysfunctional uterine bleeding which has other causes. 

It would be a good idea to schedule an appointment at Corner health or with you health care provider. 

Inside my vagina (vagina canal) at the top is this hard, yet soft, lump. The tip is pointed almost like a triangle and it continues one down. I have to go under it to actually reach fully inside my vagina. I also have very irregular periods. Is this that prolapsed vagina thing??

It is unclear by your description what is going on.  Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with you own health care provider.

I'm 14 and I am only only my 3rd period ever but it has lasted 10 days , should I be worried or should I be fine seen as it's only my 3rd time having it !!??

It is not unusual to have longer, irregular periods when you first start having periods.  If it continues please schedule an appointment with your health care provider or Corner Health.  There are some medications to use to stop the bleeding and make your periods regular again. You may also need some extra iron in your diet and/or to take a vitamin with iron.

Does the Corner Health Center offer FTM testosterone in the form of intramuscular injections, subcutaneous injections, or both? Is it up to the patient?

Injectable testosterone is a therapy option which is discussed at an assessment appointment

Last month I got my period twice, each lasted 5 days and it had 17 days in between which was irregular. I used to get my period every 22-25ish days, but I haven't gotten it for 32 days now. I haven't had sex so I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant. Is it normal I'm getting it late because I got it more last month?

Irregular periods are most likely due to irregular hormone activity.  For evaluation please make an appointment to discuss this with your health care provider or at Corner Health Center.  

 There are different options to assist in getting your periods regular again. 

If I want to use a contraceptive patch, how is the correct way to use it for major effectiveness? I read that you have to use it the first 7 days after your period, how does that work?

It is important to understand exactly how to use the patch or any other contraception before depending on it to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

A new patch is applied every week for 3 weeks.  (ie every Sunday).  At the end of the 3rd week , the patch is removed and no patch is put on until the following Sunday. 

During the patch free week is when you would have a period. 

Again it is important to make sure you understand how to use the patch properly.  Contact the provider who prescribed it to review.  Also condoms are needed to prevent sexually transmitted infections. 

I have had irregular periods since i was 11. I am now 20 and I'm having a 2 week gap between my periods with no blood no pain just brown discharge.

Irregular menses is a result of hormonal irregularities.  Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your health care provider for further evaluation.  There are many different options for treatment so that your cycles can become regular. 

Does a cyst on your clitoris come from sex?

A "cyst" could be from friction from sexual activity.  It is important to make sure it is not related to an infection. 

It is important to have this evaluated by a health care provider.  You can schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your own doctor or nurse practitioner. 

I've been on birth control pill for a year now and I start my new pack a day late and I've taken my first two pills and then I had unprotected sex and then toke my pill 3 hours late that night I had the unprotected sex, are my still prevented from pregnancy?

You most likely are protected against pregnancy but of course cannot be 100% sure. 

If your next period is late you should have a pregnancy test. 

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