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so i am getting this like weird (almost like cheesy smelling) discharge everyday and it smells so bad but i don't know how to get rid of it.. and it usually only comes when i am sitting down for a long time.

What you describe may be a yeast infection.  Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center to have this checked out and treated. 

Hello! Yesterday My boyfriend and I tried having anal, but he went way to far even thought we applied lube, it really hurt and later when I went to the bathroom I had blood, a day has gone and I'm kind of sore, should I be worried, should I go to a doctor? Could this be something more serious??

If your pain and bleeding continues please be seen by your primary care provider or come to Corner Health Center.  The concern would be for a tear or cut int he anus or rectum

I have been experiencing a lot of vaginal discharge lately

If the vaginal dischage continues, has an order, or is a different color please schedule an appointment with your PCP or at Corner Health Center

So what if a person ejaculated after oral sex but then a couple hours later had sex without a condom. Could the girl get pregnant even if the ejaculation was wiped off of the penis from the oral sex

Having sex without birth control or a condom puts you at risk for pregnancy.  

so, i am a 17 year old girl and my periods normally last for 7/8 days. however, this time my period came just a few days earlier than expected and it was quite light flow and dark brown colour, becoming heavier on the second and third days. i thought this was normal as it may be old blood. Then three days later, my period became red and fluctuated from heavy/medium. i am on my seventh day and it is still medium flow and red. should i be worried? what food helps?

There are a number of reasons that periods become irregular.  t can be caused by many different things such as moving, stress, diet, or just an unknown shift in hormones.   If the bleeding continues  please schedule an appontment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health center.  Do not know of any foods that would help. 

Every so often i get this recurring small red strip that looks a little bright red rash looking thing on the head of my penis. I went and got checked and they told me it wasn't herpes and still haven't found out what it could be. i tested if it was certain shower gels or something but nope, just comes and goes every so often, nothing is blistering or oozing, just a small tender strip of rash. What can this be?

Unclear what your rash is.  You can ask your primary care provider for a referral to dermatology.  

I recently found out that I have chlamydia, I’m getting cured for it right now, it takes a week. And my partner also has it and is also getting cured. Can we still have sex with a condom? And can we have oral sex without a condom? Will i be fine?

The guidelines say to wait 7 days for cure of the infection.  Using a condom will prevent the reoccurence of the infection.  Oral sex without a condom may cause oral chlamydia infection.  

Hi, i use to have 5 day periods, now it lasts for 7 days. What could have caused this change and can is it possible to get it back to the 5 days.

It is not unusual for periods to change and become irregular.  It can be caused by many different things such as moving, stress, diet, or just an unknown shift in hormones.  There is not really a way to regulate it unless you want to try oral contraception pills which also regulate periods  

I have severe OCD... I used to obsess over cleaning... i am currently a 25 year old female. from the ages of 16-24 i over-used clorox disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray. i would even use them directly on my skin sometimes... i spent HOURS (at least 4 a day) spraying my small apartment and car with no gloves or ventilation... I know NOW that this is very bad but in my head at the time I was keeping myself and those around me safe... do you think that permanent damage has already been done and i will develop cancer at an early age or die at an early age? i am very worried and depressed when i think about what i have done to my body...

It is hard to know how your body has reacted to the wipes and disinfectant.  Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to discuss your concerns. 

It is also important to get the appropriate treatment for severe OCD.

I have had a fever for 3 days and a sore through cough head ache chills stuffy nose and I have been delirious what is it

Sounds like you may have the flu or a similar virus. Please get checked by your primary care provider or come to Corner clinic.  If you experience shortness of breath, severe headache, are delirious or feel very sick please go to the emergency room.

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