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I have taken my birth control pill everyday without missing a dose for the last year and last week i had unprotected intercourse (without condom), which I've never done. So I took plan B 46 hours afterward because I was nervous. Should I be okay?

The pill is 99.7% effective with perfect use and it sounds like you have taken it perfectly.  

You should be ok.  

I have been on Seasonique since February 2nd. I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time on February 14th around midnight so like early morning on the 15th. We did not use a condom but he did not cum or anything. So there is no chance of me getting pregnant right?

If you have been taking Seasonique for 7 days without missing a dose you are protected against unplanned pregnancy.  

How can I get intense orgasm without sex toys I am male

You can speak with a urologist or a sex therapist for advice.

I am 19 years old and I have slept with 3 different guys in the last 3 weeks and I haven’t had my period yet and I’m worried what could that mean?

Anytime you have slept with someone and do not use contraception you are at risk of pregnancy and at risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Please schedule an appointment at your primary care providers office or Corner Health center to have a pregnancy test and sti testing. 

My penis ain't got hard in over 2 years it's lost 4 inches and goes up in side me I can't jerk with my hands I have to use my finger tips just rub it till I cum yesterday I got real horny so I rubbed it when I cummed it lasted for 15 seconds at least shot across the room and it hurt my penis

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to talk about this issue. You may need to see a specialist. 

I am a 21 year old female, my boyfriend precumed in my vagina but then I had my period 3 weeks after but didn't see it the next month. Is it possible that I'm pregnant?

If you have  unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  If your period is more than 2 weeks late you should schedule an appointment to have a pregnancy test.  Even if you do get your period you should scheudle an appointment to discuss birth control options.  

I am 15 years old. I am having a problem with my penis. It curves upwards whether it’s hard or soft. When it is soft it is easier to tuck it into my pants down or down at an angle( I try to stay away from just wearing it in my underpants upward because there will be a bulge) being a teenager, I do get hard-ons just because I’m going through puberty. I have tried many different underwear and I found a good, snug pair. But through the day whether I’m at school or waking at the mall my penis begins to shift back in the upwards position no matter if hard or not. I don’t know what to do, I’m tired of having to fix myself through the day every time I get up or having to look down to make sure my bulge isn’t visible. It stresses my out and makes me nervous

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to talk about this issue.  If it is very bothersome, you may need to see a specialist. 

I am 14 years old, and I had unprotected sex on January 25. it is now February 5, and my period was supposed to come today, but it didn't. he didn't cum at all and we only had sex for maybe 15 seconds. my period tracking app said that on that day there was only a low chance of me being able to get pregnant. what should I do?

There are different reasons why your period may be late.  Sometimes changes in hormones can affect the timing of your period.  Also, stress can affect your cycle.  Anytime there is penis-vagina sex without condoms or other birth control methods there is a chance of pregnancy  &/or infection.

If you do not get your period 1-2  weeks after it is due please schedule to come to Corner health clinic or see your primary care provider to have a pregnancy test.  

Also, it will be important to find a method of birth control that works for you. 

My depo shot was due January 20 and I missed it. It's February 4. The last time I had unprotected sex was February 1st, but he pulled out. That was the last time we had unprotected sex after I missed the shot. Can I still get pregnant?

It is unlikely that you are at risk of pregnancy when your shot is 2 weeks late.  You should get a pregnancy test before getting your next injection.  

My vagina is burning for almost a month now it just burns out of nowhere and sometimes after I pee what does this mean

What you describe could be an infection such as yeast vaginitis or a urinary tract infection or it could be irritation or reaction to something such as soap products. Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center to have it checked out. 

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